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As the travel industry continues to expand, transportation hubs are rapidly evolving to keep pace with the digital world and meet the growing expectations of today's passengers. The cores of this trend are major facilities and technology improvements designed to increase the value of transportation facilities and improve the passenger experience.


For passengers in a hurry, the most important and urgent thing is to find the information they need as soon as possible – whether it’s departure time, delay update or the correct check-in or gate. And a large, crowded transportation hub can be overwhelming for anxious passengers. Therefore, a key strategy of modern transportation hubs is to provide passengers with a pleasant travel experience by improving passenger comfort and safety and minimizing travel anxiety. Leading display solutions provide visual performance, wide viewing angles, 24/7 operational reliability, and can update in real time for any important changes. Display technology compatible with emergency broadcast systems can be set up to deliver emergency messages or information in specific areas or throughout a hub, reducing passenger stress and confusion in high-traffic areas.


Transportation Applications

Display series products can be applied in various transportation scenarios, such as bus stops, train stations, railways, airports, transportation hubs for timetables, route maps, important notices, news broadcast, weather updates, advertising, etc.

● Passenger service

Digital displays for train or flight information, check-in or departure gate information and baggage information play a key role in busy stations and terminals, providing passengers with up-to-date information. Durable commercial-grade digital information displays with high brightness, wide viewing angles, and 24x7 reliability provide long-lasting mission-critical performance for demanding public terminal environments.


● Wayfinding

Digital wayfinding systems provide clear directions and navigation through display technology, guiding passengers to where they need to go in busy stations and terminals—improving passenger flow and helping create more efficient transportation sites . The new interactive touch-screen wayfinding application enhances the traveller experience in transportation centers such as stations and terminals by allowing passengers to easily search the information they need.


● Transportation Control Center

Display solutions for today's traffic control and surveillance operations require 24x7 reliability and the latest high resolution and image processing technologies to support decision making in these mission critical environments. Whether used for video surveillance, traffic infrastructure monitoring, or other control center applications, seamless video walls ensure uninterrupted flow of data and video feeds.

● Advertising and digital signage

Digital signage has become an integral part of public transport services. Digital signage improves the passengers’ experience by providing real-time schedule updates, navigation, local news and weather, and other fun and engaging content. With digital signage, display information and images can be changed remotely in real-time through a network connection, which greatly saves the time and cost of changing printed signage. Leading-edge display technology provides an eye-catching medium for advertising and digital signage in transportation hubs by attracting passengers, enabling facilities to maximize advertising opportunities in key locations. Eye-catching display technology can be more impactful than static signage and can capture attention in a dynamic environment—for example, informing travellers of a terminal's dining options or showcasing a local city's top attractions and latest news. Vibrant, high-resolution display designs convey more impact with advertising messages—driving traffic to internal suppliers and increasing revenue for local businesses.

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