Return Policy:

To be your reliable business partner, NSDISPLAY is offering a series of service.


For all NSDISPLAY standard products, we officially promised warranty time is one year (12 months) from the date after delivery. For some special products, the warranty period can also be extended appropriately. For specific information, please contact us for negotiation.

Apart from the QC testing, we will attach the importance to the packaging of the all products to make sure that it will meet the safety of transportation.

If the produces are damaged due to transportation, the customer should request proof of damage from the freight forwarder and file a claim with the freight insurance company immediately.

If the product is damaged due to force majeure factors, transportation, man-made damage or misuse, NSDISPLAY won't provide free warranty service. The cause of damage should be confirmed by both NSDSIPLAY and the customer. In such cases, the customer should be responsible for procuring the corresponding accessories or spare parts and for transporting them back and forth.

If the products have quality problems, which aren't caused by humans, NSDISPLAY will immediately provide remote assistance to solve problems within 24 hours. If there is a problem with the products or other accessories, NSDISPLAY will send the accessories to the customer for replacement. If the products cannot be repaired locally, they need to be returned to the factory repair. According to the international RMA principle, one party bears the freight for one trip, and the customer bears the freight from the factory to foreign countries or ships with the next order.

In the case of the products are out of warranty, NSDISPLAY is willing to support the customers for providing a suitable repairing solution at a reasonable cost. Kindly contact us


NSDISPLAY provides global shipping service. Customers’ online orders will be dealt with as soon as possible. Product delivery time is affected by the different shipping methods, different countries and customs clearance. Therefore customers need to keep contact with us to make a confirmation.

Please note:

Customers should be responsible for all import taxes and duties that may be charged when the parcel passes through the customs. We advise you to find out about the local regulations prior to ordering from us.