Improve patients' experience • Make meaningful changes • Drive innovation and progress

All kinds of healthcare facilities —including hospitals, clinics and health centers—can better utilize display technology to. But it's not just patients who benefit. Display solutions can play a wider role in the healthcare industry workplace.

Healthcare Applications

● Announcement and wayfinding

Displays and digital information boards deployed in waiting rooms, entry areas and corridors provide a real-time channel to make announcements, deliver health information or keep patients informed about health programs and upcoming events. As a wayfinding tool, video displays can offer visitors location and navigation services, helping them quickly find the medical department they want to visit.

● Lobby and reception area

Large displays and video walls enliven healthcare or hospital lobbies and help reduce patient anxiety by creating a more engaging ambience, giving patients and their families peace of mind while waiting for their appointment. Display solutions can more intuitively and comprehensively display important information about hospital-related health care programs, treatment services, facilities, and research; it can also playback meaningful content such as rehabilitation from serious illness, breakthrough discoveries, and medical progress to motivate patients.

● Work area and command center

Display technology is changing the way of work and research in healthcare field. From video walls and large format displays in conference rooms to durable desktop displays in executive workstations, digital displays provide health organizations and corporate healthcare entities with productivity tools. Medical research institutions employing video walls and interactive technologies can lay the groundwork for collaboration-driven research that drives innovation and progress.

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