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Product Features

Seamless ChatGPT-Powered Interaction: With the integration of ChatGPT, AI HoloBox becomes an intelligent companion robot. Ask questions, get recommendations, or simply chat. 

Built-in Digital Companion: Offering a lively and interactive digital companion that can be customized to your liking, delivering unparalleled companionship that transcends geographical and temporal boundaries.

Holographic Display: Experience the magic of our exclusive patented Reflective Light Field Holographic technology. No need for any special glasses or additional equipment. 

Personalized Video Uploads: With our user-friendly app, you can film, edit, and upload your videos, adding a personal touch to your holographic display. 

Ultra-Portable Design: With dimensions comparable to a water bottle, our product is designed for on-the-go use. 



Dive deep into the transformative experience offered by AI HoloBox. Envision a life with AI HoloBox where you can converse with your digital companion at any moment – be it casual chatter or professional consultation. With the backing of ChatGPT, we're elevating AI-driven interactions to unparalleled heights. 

AI HoloBox mini

For the figurine aficionados, your cherished collectibles will no longer be mere static displays. Instead, they can be housed within the AI HoloBox, ready to be projected holographically at your whim. If you're passionate about capturing life's moments, the AI HoloBox allows you to upload and relive your favorite videos via our mobile app. From cherished travel memories and family reunions to adorable pet antics and captivating performances from your favorite artists, every moment becomes more vivid and accessible with AI HoloBox. Portable, stylish and designed for your smart life, AI HoloBox is a modern marvel built for those who crave a blend of art, technology, and innovation. Whether you're gifting it to a loved one or enhancing your personal technology experience, this is a masterpiece that resonates with the rhythms of the future.

Application Scenario

Holographic Digital Collection Display

  • With its powerful computing processing capabilities, AI Holobox provides an immersive and interactive experience of displaying digital collections. It enriches the interaction experience among collectors and provides an effortless way to showcase a digital collection in real-life scenarios.

Virtual Companionship

  • Summoning virtual characters to engage in conversations or interactive storytelling, providing companionship and entertainment.

  • Interaction with virtual digital figures for assistance in daily tasks, scheduling, and reminders.

AI HoloBox mini


  • With its capabilities to integrate virtual digital people, AI Holobox provides a unique entertainment experience for users. These virtual digital assistants can play games, tell jokes, or share interesting stories, making it a fun feature for various scenarios.

High-Value Gift

  • As a music player, the AI Holobox not only plays music and video, but its built-in virtual digital people can also dance along with the music to create an interactive experience, making it an ideal choice for gifting to family members, relatives, elders, friends, and colleagues.

AI HoloBox mini


  • Immersive learning experiences with interactive, holographically projected educational content.

Product Design & Prototyping

  • Visualizing 3D models and prototypes in real-life scale for design and development purposes.

AI HoloBox mini

Retail & Advertising

  • Showcasing products using holographic displays, providing virtual shopping experiences and interactive product demonstrations.

Art & Design

  • Creation of unique virtual galleries or interactive installations with characters from the metaverse.

AI HoloBox mini

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AI HoloBox mini

AI HoloBox mini

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AI HoloBox mini


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AI HoloBox mini